drag & drop sorting + auto-tracknumber


N00b here. My idea of a good tagging prog is foobar's masstagger, and with its scripting capabilities I think mp3tag is a winner. Hats off to the dev team.

Dunno if this has been asked before, but is it possible to sort files by drag and drop in the order that I want and then do auto-tracknumbering? My flash DAP plays files based on lexicographic ordering, and to get it to play songs in the order that I like what I do is to put tracknumbers at the beginning of the filename. I currently do this with foobar, but I don't use that anymore (I use musikCube), I just thought it'd be great if this could be possible with mp3 tag as well (if it's not too difficult to implement).

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Hold down the ALT key while dragging with left mouse button.


Cool. Thanks.