Drag info-field, excel style?


Do you think it might be possible to allow the cells to copy information downwards by dragging the corner?

Sometimes there are only a couple of rows that need to have the ARTIST-info updated.
Then it might be usefull to be able to copy that cell downwards like you can in Excel, by hovering then dragging the lower right corner. :slight_smile:



I think there is no need for this feature because it can be easily down in the tag-panel.

I know, but then you still need to select fields and open the Extended Tag panel.

This way you can just drag over the fields underneath.
That would be really handy when scrolling through tons of mp3's and simply correct the one or two tags that are wrong :wink:

You have to mark columns and there normally is no need to open the extended tag-panel. You can do it with the normal tag-panel of Mp3Tag and should have all tag-fields you use regularly defined in the panel.

Still I have to mark...
When I just have to change the artist in the next line, I think it would be more practical to just drag the info-field over the one underneath it.
No need to select and while checking a long list of tags, this should be a lot quicker...

And, again :roll_eyes: I am aware of other ways of marking fields and changing the date in those fields.
I've been using MP3tag for nearly 10 years now and have quite a lot of different ways of checking data and making sure it's all the same.

But when I have just 2 or 3 ROWS (not columns) that need adjusting, a simple copy paste is usually the fastest.
Less mouse distance to travel and nearly no marking of anykind...

Still I think a feature where you can drag a field downwards would be handy.