Dragging artwork from the web?

I just recently bought a new laptop and am now on windows 7 (formerly vista.) After buying the new comp i installed the latest version of mp3tag. The only problem is, now dragging artwork into the art field (from internet explorer) does not work! I just get a red circle with a \ through it. Has this feature been removed from the newest version or is this a bug with windows 7? Thanks for any help and keep up the great work, I love this useful program!


Probably it is a security problem between your local system and the Internet.
You have to "open a door" explicitely by setting the right option in Internet Explorer.


Have you checked, which format your source-file has? I think only jpg and png are valid for albumart.
E.g. if your source has a gif or bmp (or other format) these files would not be acceptable.

Only using jpegs & png.

@ DetlevD: How do I go about doing this?

Your problem seems not to be related to Mp3tag and might exist because of restrictions on your computer system. Because I want to skip Win7 and will wait for Win8 I have no clue about places where to tweak a Win7 system. Possibly you only have to look into Internet Explorer Options and find the right option. If you are using some other browser, then check it's Internet restrictions.
Before you are going to circumvent a security barrier ... have you tried to copy a web picture by right clicking on the image and copy to clipboard? Does this work?