Drop-down Directory List


The drop-down directory list grows by one every time I edit files in a new directory. I have thousands of directories and over a terabyte of music. I would like to clear the drop-down directory list so that I can use it again. How do I do this? The list is too long and has become unwieldy.

Thank you.


Close and reopen the program.


That was a joke, right? I can shut down the computer and the next time I use MP3Tag the list is still there.


When I restart the program the list has only 10 entries.


Same here how do you clear out the list?
There has to be some way to Clear this drop-down Directory List in Mp3tag!!
It saves 11 Directories in my list, there has to be some way of clearing this list. Please Help, ThX in Advance.


You can delete an entry from the list by pressing the [Shift+Del] keyboard shortcut.

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Hey that worked for me! ThX a Million :wink: