Drop Downs for Fields in Tag Panel

In the tag panel, each field has an "inverted caret" on the right; when clicked, a drop-down shows selectable options. (What is the correct name for this "inverted caret" symbol?)

For the last few versions, this inverted caret isn't visible until I resize the tag panel. Even a tiny bit larger or smaller is enough to get the panel to display all fields with this "caret".

I'd rather not need to resize to make the carets visible.
How to get the tag panel to display the inverted carets by default?

Danke! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks similar to this report:

It looks indeed like the issue linked in the post above. Two additional questions:

  1. Are you also using multiple screens?
  2. Are you running any third-party software that might interfere with the resolution, DPI or reported window sizes?

Two additional :slightly_smiling_face: answers:

  1. Yes. This is a laptop with a larger monitor via HDMI. Laptop screen is off.
  2. No, AFAIK, no 3rd party software WRT resolution, DPI, etc.

Anything else I can do to help with this, just let me know please.

Thank you very much!