DSF File Handling Year and Date


I have some problem with MP3Tag only with DSF Files. When I export the DSF Files with my tool everithing is OK.

In the MP3Tag it show only the Year. For me no Problem but when I now manipulate the Year
it split the Year in Year and date. Emby read the Date only. So all Information are wrong.

Have you checked the extended tags dialogue to see if there are other fields that contain the data that you are looking for?

Yes of course. The DBPoweramp Edit ID Tag (First Screenshot) show all existing Tags and value. Strange is, MP3Tag have by default no field like that. Therefore, I need first to create a field Date for removing all Date Field from all my DSF Files. It was about 6000 Music Files. With Plex and Minimserver I have never a Problem. However, the Emby Server read this Value Date first and show me that as Year Value. Nevertheless, the Problem is that MP3Tag the Year value not can read correctly.

AFAIK dsf files use ID3 tags.
YEAR has 4 digits, DATE also has 4 digits but the format that you show is at least not according to standard.
I do not quite understand the

Does that mean that you looked at the extended tags dialogue? Or does it mean that you found other fields that contain the data?
The first screenshot shows the labels that the programmers of the GUI thought of but it does not show which field gets referenced.
Could you show us the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) from one of the files that lacks data in MP3tag?

HI of corse. Sorry I am not so a Crack with MP3Tags

Now you can see the Tag Date. Because I creatit this Field. First I see nothing there

This has nothing to do with the extended tags view in mp3tag. Select any single or group of files, then hit Alt-T or the menu icon. A new window will open with all tag fields for the selected files displayed.

Exactliy was I do Belive me

Was the YEAR field there? That would have come from your original source. Although the standard for this field is 4 numerical digits, some software will still force write additional data here.

I don’t believe there is any automatic mapping to create the DATE field info from other sources. You could get the values written there from another field, like YEAR if it was there. You could use guess values or format actions for this.

Her is a working Flac File
No Problem with Flac Files

These are flac files.
Flac uses Vorbis comments - and for that there is a default mapping from Date to Year.
DSF files use ID3 tags - yet in ID3V2.4 there is no Date field - that becomes a user-defined field called DATE.
So it could be that a mixture of all this causes the problems.

Ich probiere es auf Deutsch. Ist für mich auch einfacher. Also Wenn ich die DSF Files aus dem ISO extrahiere (Erster Screenshot) Steht da beim Jahr 2014-02-07.

Das Programm konnte lange DSF nicht manipulieren nur MP3Tag. Wenn ich das selbe File im MP3Tag öffne sieht man nur das Jahr. Monat und Tag wird nicht angezeigt. Wenn ich jetzt das Jahr bearbeite wird der Monat und Tag in das Feld Datum geschoben welches vorher (Screenshot 1) nicht gab. Für mich ist das alles kein Problem. Ich konnte das für mich lösen.

The handling of TYER and TDAT has undergone some changes - way back:
[2012-09-29] CHG: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.
[2013-10-06] CHG: reverted change: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (due to popular request).

So it is still not really clear to me:
Your file converter writes the long year? But you don't see that in the tag panel? (This would imply that MP3tag has read the tags and perhaps split them already).
If you check now the extended tags dialogue is there a field for YEAR and one for DATE?
And then one step further, your player displays the contents of DATE but not of YEAR?

Another idea: the original tags are ID3v2.3 and after resaving them in Mp3tag they are ID3v2.4 where the DATE field is stored as TXXX user-defined tag field.

Also writing ID3v2.3 in Mp3tag should solve the issue, in case my assumption is correct.

OK About ID3v2.3 you have right. I have new generatet the Files and you can see the Version. I have not saved any Information in the last Screen Shots.

It move the Rest from the Year to date. The DBPowerAmp Tool show it correctli

I need ID3v2.4 for multiple Genre Type. Otherwise this will not working.

For me all this is no problem. But I think somthing is wrong. The DBPoweramp show all at the correct style. When I give you this file you will not see the Date because it is not a default Field. I createt with your Super Tool very easy

The column definition for your date is not correct:
you display the value from a field %date% but you write to the (not writable) property %_date% - %_date% returns the current date from the system clock.

ID3 support GENRE as multi-value field. The question is: can your player cope with mult-value fields?
Some players don't but they use the slash / or the semicolon as separator.

What Why? I need multiple Genre Type because I have on most all Genre Multiple Genre Type.

For example Pop; Rock; High Res Stereo; DSF

First it will not working with DSF on the Minimserver. But the Support say me, I need to tagging with ID3v2.4 and now it works fine.

And my column definition I would not write everyting inside. I need the column for the deletion Task.

For me. I have my Solution.

Her you find the comment from the Emby Team


I play with the File and I now what you mean now.

When I change the Date with DBPoweramp (First Screenshot) for Example
from 2014-02-07 to 2014-02-08

It rest only the Year. No additional Metatag with Date. I think this is the correct way.

On MP3Tag it write the Rest from the the Year 0208 to the Date.

I think you are now in the dilemma that you have to choose
either to see the multiple genres (although they are just a string in an ordinary field) which requires (as you tell us) V2.4
or see also the DATE which does not exist as standard field in V2.4 and therefore becomes a user-defined field with which apparently the player cannot cope.

It would be an interesting test whether the semcolon-separated string from the GENRE really only works with V2.4 tags or whether also V2.3 would work.
If V2.3 works then you are closer to the standard fields again.

I think my problem is one for a very smal group of users. For me I found a working solution. The EMBY Guys see the Problem and fix it, like Plex and Minimserver. For me everyting is ok. Have a great Day

FWIW I use v2.3 and have Genre split only by semicolon on one line. It works fine for MusicBee on windows, and on Android for advanced players like Poweramp and GoneMAD.