DSF tagging for stereo and multichannel

I'm ripping with my good old Oppo BDP-105 my original SACD library, so to play them with Audirvana Origin on MacOS.

I'd like to know what tag should I choose to define the number of audio channels of a specific DSF file (stereo, 4.0, 5.1, etc.), so that I can then filter them in Audirvana (I would play the stereo ones in my studio 2.1 equipment and in multi-channel with my Anthem AVM70 in my theater/listening room).

Many thanks in advance!

Which tag fields would you use to filter for such tracks?
I.e. which tag fields are supported by your player?

Audirvana filters by "Number of Audi Channels" option, that I know it's not the "low level" tag name... I'll ask Audirvana what is the used tag, behind...

But... isn't there a "standard" tag for audio channels number?

I would assume as this is something that is part of the encoding parameters that this may be stored in an information field like %_mode%.

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...and how is this %mode% tag accessible/editable in mp3tag?

See the documentation on how to customize the file list:

As this is a property written for the audio part, MP3tag only shows it - you cannot edit it.
Add a column with
Value: %_mode%
Leave Field empty.
And in respect to your player: if you can already filter for such files then there should not be any necessity to modify that data in the files.

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On DSF files, channel and bit rate and so on are stored in the files “fmt” header. At the end of the file there are option for ID3v2 tags.
It should not be necessary to change the header, unless it is incorrect (I.e. the playback is noise), as it would make it impossible to playback correctly.

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Thanks a lot!
So... I assume these tags are correct, and automatically written by iso2dsd.

Now I'll try to understand why my Audirvana Origin (excellent player in terms of audio quality, in connection to an RME ADI-2 DAC fs) keeps on showing duplicated tracks in my library... But I think it's an Audirvana problem...