duplicate artist in title?

Using a portable player is both fun and frustrating with mp3s

If you browse through artists or albums to select your file then it only plays from that artist or album, till you go back to the library, and tell it to play from your whole playlist... and if you select the whole playlist and try browsing through 2000 songs, it's a littleannoying to find that all the media players on my phone seem to ignore the artist name or album name, so you just get a long list of file names. Short of having a photographic memmory of which tracks are on which album it get's a wee bit hectic.

So is it possible to format a tag like this...

Pink - Funhouse - 01 - Pink - So What
instead of
Pink - Funhouse - 01 - So What

So the track title section in the tag has the name AND artist all in one... so it would on the mobile device display as artist - title?