Duplicate File Names

I am using the Tag to Filename Conversion to rename files. Sometimes there are dulicates and Mp3tag tells me that it Cannot create a file when that file already exists. Can Mp3tag automatically make the filename unique? I saw a counter variable in the forums, but I don't want to add the counter unless it's needed to make the file unique. I'd like to use the bitrate or another field if it's a field that makes the two dupe files different. Has anyone written a script to do this?

I am afraid that it is up to you to create criteria that in the end create unique filenames.
One idea put forward by DetelvD is to create a user-defined field that has the intended filename as contents. You then check the files prior to writing them.

On the other hand: as the first file gets created according to the new pattern, you will easily be able to filter/sort those that have not been renamed.

And as a matter of interest: how could it be that you create duplicate filenames without having duplicates as files? Or are you missing certain information in the tags?

Sounds like you may want to either rethink your folder organization strategy or else your file naming conventions.

If you organize files and name them like most people do, you won't have any file naming conflicts



Then a file name that includes the tracknumber. Could be something as simple as:

01 First Track Title.flac
02 Second Track Title.flac

If you can't be bothered, or you want different files from different artists and albums to be located in the same folder, use a single file naming convention for all files that won't lead to conflicts:

Beatles - Revolver - 01 Taxman.flac
Beatles - Revolver - 02 Eleanor Rigby.flac
Beatles - Revolver - 03 I'm Only Sleeping.flac
Beatles - Greatest Hits - 01 Taxman.flac

I always do as Mr. Johnson does, especialy because I like to have and hear different version of the same song, and sometimes I don't have nothing about these songs but it's names.

So, for example, I have some versions of "Mack, the 'Knife'". So I put all the versions in a unique folder and I open this folder with MP3Tag, select all files and renumber it's track fields (Ctrl-K) and toggle al song's names to "Mack, the 'Knife'". Then I do Alt+1 and using this mask "$num(%track%,2) - %title%" (without quotes) I bring the tags contents to the file names.

It results as:

01 - Mack, the 'Knife'.MP3
02 - Mack, the 'Knife'.MP3

what is enough to me.