Duplicate jpg


I have tagged over 10000 songs on maybe 1000 different folders

I have an action to export covert art in two different names in the folder

But i obtained often duplicate files

they are named as .....(1), .............(2), etc

is there a way every duplicate and keep only one in the folder

thank you


Hmm, you are working with IrfanView, then ...
within Irfanview open the dialog for searching files by pressing [Ctrl+F].
Enter a fitting file search mask, for example *_1.jpg
Enter a root folder.
Set the option to search in the foldertree.
Start the search.
Display the result as "Thumbnails".


I like Irfan View

i tried it but

can i add *_2.jpg and *_3.jpg

Is there a way to fix it with MP3TAG (i prefer to use 1 soft do to everything)

thank you

You may apply the search engine of "TotalCommander" or "Windows Explorer", ...
both understand a search mask like ...

.... or on the DOS commandline ...
M:>DIR /S _1.jpg;_2.jpg

See dialog "Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Tags" ... there you may add the filetype "*.jpg" to the list of filetypes, which Mp3tag should show; afterwards refresh Mp3tag list view.


Maybe you can reduce the amount of duplicate exported cover files this way:
within the action "Export cover to file" ...
do not check the checkbox for creating duplicate files.


This may help to reduce duplicate cover image files ...
Action "Export cover to file"
Formatstring: %_filename%'.'%_cover_type%
Export duplicate covers: no


This works only if the files in one folder do not have embedded art with different properties.
Otherwise, one picture file per version will be created (and numbered).
So it is worthwhile to check the folders where there are duplicate files although they should not. The duplication means that something is different.

Thank you GUYS for your support

MP3TAG is a great software