Duplicate sections?

HI. So this is my first post here. I opened the program (it's also newly updated) and noticed that the sections of Title all the way through Directory is there. But directly under Directory is a repeat of everything above. It's Title through DIrectory AGAIN. Is this a bug?

Also, it's not letting me change anything. I'll delete and type something in, save it but then it says its saved but it reverts back! Um?

Open File>Options>Tag-Panel
and delete all fields that you do not want.

How do you save? Where do you edit? What is reverted? What kind of tags do you read, write and delete? What kind of tags are in the files?

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I just went to the Tag-Panel and turned the duplicate sections off. Thanks a lot!
As for the specifics, I'm not sure I understand? I do basic tagging. If I download something, I'll take it to this program and re-edit everything. Name of song, artist, genre, etc. Basic stuff.

It's not letting me change anything from the tag panel. I have to go to the main section (the columns I guess?) and edit it there, which will then change the tag in the tag panel. If that makes any sense?

Usually, after you have entered the last modification in the tag panel you have to either press Ctrl-S to save or click the save button in the toolbar.
Otherwise all changes are lost as soon as you move to the file list.