Duplicate tags problem.

I'm a bit new to this - I am using FLAC encoding, and was hoping to add tags for Composer, Performer, Conductor, Orchestra, and hopefully a few of each. I have read that it is recommended to have several of these tags, and I was hoping to do this and use Mp3tag's $meta() function to combine them into a database file.

I used the options editor to add these to the tag panel, but when I edit the fields and save them, the later fields over write the earlier ones:

Before saving:
Composer: test1
Composer: test2
Composer: test3

After saving

Composer: test3
Composer: test3
Composer: test3

Have I done something wrong, or is there a work around?

Yes, just use one field and \\ as separator for multiple values, e.g., test1\\test2\\test3.

Thank you, Florian. May I ask what is the advantage of using \\ as separator? What will that do for me? (Sorry if this is dumb question).

The \\ is not stored in the tags, but tells Mp3tag to create a separate field instead. Just have a look at the extended tags dialog [Alt+T] after you've saved a tag using the \\ separator.