Duplicated albums on server with same album tags

Hi. I have a peculiar problem that I know now how to solve but I really don’t know what is causing it, but I suspect it is tag based. I use MP3tag on my Macs to tag my music. Recently (although probably been happening for a while) I noticed that most of the servers I have tried (e.g. Minimserver, Media server on Synology NAS) have been duplicating some of my albums to the extent it is making it seem I have about 50 albums extra in my collection. I have scratched my head about what to do and by accident or desperation really I tried deleting the contents of the album tag in one of the albums, saving the tags and then populating the album tag again with exactly what was there for every track in the album before I deleted it, and this solved the problem and the album was no longer seen twice in the servers. It’s really strange because when I examine the albums concerned, selecting all the tracks in MP3tag the album tag shows the album title and not “keep” as it would do if any of them were different.

So as I say I know the solution now but have not a clue what the cause might be. Anyone got any ideas?

Is it possible these albums have both APE and ID3 tags, and the server software is reading them both. Perhaps this is resulting in the apparent duplication?

When you are deleting all tags, you are likely clearing both. Then when writing them again as new, only one is being written back. So no more duplicates.

Thanks for the reply. How would I see these APE tags separately so I can check that out?

I'd first check if the Tag column in the File List actually shows anything like APEv2.

If so, you can adjust the tag settings at Settings → Tag Types to read only APEv2 and reload the File List. It'll then show the contents of the APEv2 tags.

If not, you could check the extended tag dialog via ⌘T and see if it shows any of the suspicious information in any of the fields.

I went into settings as you suggested but I only have an option to tick to read APE tags, not APEv2 - APEv2 only appears in the write and remove sections. I unticked everything ID** and ticked everything APE* and reloaded the files, but all looks the same with all the tags displaying in the tag panel and the file list.

OK, APE includes APEv1 and APEv2 — so it was the correct setting.

You can send me one of the files via Help → Send Feedback and I'll have a look and see if there are any other tags. Please also provide details regarding what you expect and what you instead see at your servers.