It was/is time to clean my music collection so I have used programs to find missing data/artwork, MixMeister to create a BPM. I have reformatted some of my music from .m4a or .wma to .mp3 VBR files and have cleaned up all the junk or simply reformatted metadata using MP3Tag (marvelous!). MP3Tag is great for it's usability. I have read other users that have been wanting to do the same things I've been doing so if you want to have a look at the actions I've used, just let me know. It took me a while to get comfortable learning all the features before I got this far!

Now I'm trying to eliminate all the duplicate files that I have just created.
When cleaning everything up the converted files are now in a subdirectory with a new name, and some of the other .mp3 files were also renamed. So now I've got a ton of "duplicates" or better yet, "missing" items in my itunes library after updating it. To do this I did the following: "select all > get info" (to updated ID3 tags) and then "add folder > default parent directory" (to add newly named/converted files). So it recognizes one file missing and then imports the new file. As you can imagine, I now have many duplicates,

  • one being the newly created & updated file
  • one being the old file that is now missing (with correct "date added" and "playcount")

I did not use MP3Tag's rename feature in anticipation of this problem. Else, I would have my entire library messed up instead of just these problem children.

How can I update all 1000+ duplicates so that instead of referencing the old, missing files itunes will now reference the new files. I want it to simply point to their new location so it will preserve the "Date added" date and the "playcount" and playlists from the old file, and read the rest from the new file in it's new location.

How do people do this when they uniformly rename all .mp3s from the metadata? Are they ever able to have iTunes preserve the old references' data? The only solution I have done thus far is by selecting to play the old, missing file and point iTunes at the new file manually when it asks. Then I have to delete the newly imported reference to that file. VERY TIME CONSUMING! any thoughts?

BUMP ... just seeing if anyone has had experience repointing itunes at newly-renamed files by mp3tag?

This would be besides having to delete the old references