dynamic playlist filenames?

dear guys,

I have an additional questions, is it possible to create dynamic names of the *.m3u playlists like:


Unfortunately that is not working, any ideas?
Or do I really have to set up a fixed name for these files?

Thanks and cheers!

Well, it should be (if at all):

Still, it does not work as you have to set a string constant if you want to create a playlist with the built-in function.

Yet, you can create an export that outputs a text file in the format of a playlist. And for an export filename, it is allowed/possible to use variables.

Here is an example:

thank you very much ohrenkino!
that solved it! by the way, what you ment when saying "(if at all)"?

by the way one more question please :wink:
I have a common folder structure like that


Is it possible to drag the root (wehere all artist name folders are) to mp3tag and hit "save" so in each album folder will be created a %artist%-%album%.m3u?

I am a bit unsure if that works before I mess up my audio collection :slight_smile:

thx again!

Not quite - it is: "for each album folder will be created a ... m3u"...
The generated file can then be found in the current work directory.

Unless you enter a fully qualified path as filename for the export, e.g.:

PS: the "if at all" was just a little reference to the invalid syntax of "%artists-%album%.m3u" - the field is called %artist%. Your example had an "s" too many and a "%" too few. But nevermind.

THANK YOU so much Ohrenkino, that helped a lot!