easiest way for mass cover art download

Hi, i have 1200 songs and none of them got a coverart.. now i wonder what is the easiest way to get the coverart for all of them ? :slight_smile:


let's not boast with numbers. 1200 may be a lot for some, for others it is just peanuts ...
back to the problem: there are a number built-in web sources in MP3tag which can be found in the Tag-Sources menu like amazon. Try these.
Yet, it is rather hard for mp3tag to find out which album art to find unless you have filled in the artist and album tag. So before you add album art you have to get that information.

And even if you have filled in the artist, album, year and maybe the genre it's not for sure that this songs could be from a single, maxi, compilation, Best-of or live-album.

I think you should use the musicbrainz web sources and/or the external tool "Album Art Downloader" to find the most appropriate cover song by song.

and what, pray tell, leads you to conclude the OP was boasting versus giving context to the problem they're wanting to resolve?