Easiest way to transfer all actions, settings, column configurations, etc. to a new PC?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for some sort of documentation or process for the easiest way to take all of my MP3Tag settings, including application preferences, custom actions, column settings/view options, etc. and move them for importing into a completely new version or instance of MP3Tag on a new PC. The last time I tried to do this, I must have missed a few files, and I failed to import all of my actions and settings correctly. If there's also a way to do this for the Mac version/s too, that would be greatly appreciated!


See the documenation:

and possibly for MAC:

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Thanks! The "Backup and Restore Configuration" piece in the manual should take care of the brunt of my preferences, but if I recall correctly from the past, did not backup/restore all of my Action files, which are extremely important, and will be time consuming to recreate.

you could easily test that and have a look at the zip file.

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