Easy and quick


Add an option to disable reading tags, so that file loading for a large number of files be very quick. Give an option to read only when clicking in the left editing box, or ctrl clicking or something like that. That way it doesnt read every file selected. (It's a pain to wait when i press Ctrl+A [select all...])

And let mp3tag double as a batch renaming program... Give an option to view all files from a certain folder. It would be great to rename quickly like mp3tag... put an extra button to disable the tag reading and use filename-->filename to rename!


Oh, and btw, i tried adding for example *.zip to the supported files, yet no zip files would show. :frowning:
I need a great renaming program interface just like mp3tag. I wonder if it can be done?

I also to rename a HUGE batch of mp3's, other files furthermore, and waiting for every tag to be read is also a little cumbersome.


Mp3tag is only for audio files, if you want to only rename filenames, better take a rename software.