Easy cover for [ " AVI " ]

easy cover for [ " AVI " ]
Please let it be like the mp4 or mkv
Put a face on the ".avi "
with this update, your program will be very amazing and popular

portada facil para los [ " .AVI " ]
Porfavor que sea asi como los mp4 o mkv
Ponerle cararatula a los ." .avi "
Con esta actualizacion, su programa sera muy increible y popular

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Hi Melissa,

Until it's available - you could do what I do and just rename the file extension to .mkv, .mp3, etc
... change desired tag details
... save tag
... then rename back to .avi

Works for me !

AFAIK avi files use RIFF chunks for tags.
Mp3 uses ID3 tags.
mkv uses somethin different.

Yes, it is possible to add tags to files that show an extension that MP3tag considers as supported format. Like that you can even add tags to text files.
Usually, the files are then broken and cannot be processed by the application for the orginal format.
So, I would advise to not treat avi files with this alleged workaround.

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Fair enough - that being so - just try it on a copy of the .avi video - if it works, it works.
If it doesn't - no loss as you've still got the original file.
As I said, I do it and it works for me.
Many video files I get are 'tag named' by the encoder and my old Xtreamer video player displays the file name as the encoder's tag, meaning nothing to me.