Easy format string help

Hi i couldnt find this after some searching, so ill just throw it here, it should be easy
I want to rename my folder structure base on the tag and here is what i come up with so far:
%artist%'['%date%']' %album%$num(%track%,2). %title%
it does what i want but the only thing i want to change is albums with multiple disc
currently, it puts them in one folder
but the way i want it is:
how should i change the format string to do that?
thank you :slight_smile:

Renaming the folders implies, if I understand that correctly, that you do not have the right folder structure yet.
For creating new folders you have to use the converter TAG-FILENAME as otherwise you would rename any folder according to the tags of the first file in that folder and simply move all the others.
If you want to rename something tag-based this also requires that you have a field filled with the necessary data e.g. DISCNUMBER.
If you use the converter TAG-FILENAME you can use a mask like this:
%artist%\%album%[CD %discnumber%]%title%
THis will create the "CD 1" folder only if there is a filled DISCNUMBER field.

thank you for quick reply
sorry let me rephrase my question here:
currently, i do have the folder structure of artist\album\track
however their name is not organized therefore i want mp3tag to 'organize' them for me.
what i was planning on doing is tag - filename then for the format string ill put in :
%artist%'['%date%']' %album%$num(%track%,2). %title%
which gives me Artist Name[2012-03-18] Album Name\ 01. Track Name
this works for most of the albums, however albums with multiple CD gets put under the same folder which i think is messy, so i would like it to be:
Artist Name[2012-03-18] Album Name\ CD1\ 01. Track Name
Artist Name[2012-03-18] Album Name\ CD2\ 01. Track Name

now back to your reply, is there a way to set up a if structure to only do it when DISCNUMBER field is not 1 or empty? because some of my albums are tagged with 1 and there is only one disc for the album

I am afraid not as default.
BUT: you could apply a filter (press F3 if the filter input box is not yet visible) and enter
NOT %discnumber IS 1 AND NOT %discnumber% IS ""
This should display all files that have a discnumber of 2 or other than 1.
You can then easily apply the converter to these files.

Unfortunately: this does not cope with disks that are CD 1 of x (and not only CD 1 of 1) as there is no way to compare files in a folder. So you will end up with files in CD2 (and other) folders but will never get a CD1. So I would reconsider the numbering scheme ...

im not sure what you meant in the end, english is not my first language
do you mean like CD2 files will be picked up by mp3tag, but CD1 files wont?
also by numbering scheme do you mean like CD1 CD2 etc.? if not can you try be more detailed? and any suggestion for a good numbering scheme?
thank you

"Pick up"?
No, what I meant: if you have loads of files that got the "1" set for DISCNUMBER but there is only 1 CD and you do not want to get these files moved to the "CD1" folder, then the numbering scheme for CDs will not help you as MP3tag cannot distinguish between files that got DISNUMBER set to "1" because there is another CD and those which only "accidently" got set the DISCNUMBER.
You can easily make MP3tag move all files that got a value set in DISCNUMBER. But this will move all files without exception. So there is no way to say something like "but only if there is a number 2 and/or 3 as well".
In general: I do not think that it is an excellent idea to store CD-structures in folders in the file system. If you look at these files with a player, the player will mix up the files anyway as hardly any player looks at DISCNUBMER. So you will get the number 1 from the first disk, then the number 1 from the second disc, then the two number 3s and so on.
I applied a different scheme: I set the discnumber but also modify the track number.
I multiply 100 by the DISCNUMBER and add it to the track number, so that e.g.
1 from dsic 1 becomes 101,
1 from disc 2 becomes 201 etc.
THis is done with an action "Format tag field" for TRACK and the format string

This keeps the order from the various discs. Also it indicates that I have tracks from a multi-CD-set. And if I want to resort to the old numbering I can easily remove the discnumber by using $DIV or $MOD.

thank you that makes it much clear to me now.
thx for the help i think i got this sorted out now


by the way, i just checked my DISCNUMBER field is actually taged 1/1 for single disc or 1/2 and 2/2 for 2 disc (i used foobar2k to tag most of them)
maybe i can set the filter:


to get the ones with multiple CDs?
is there any chance some multi CD album will get filtered out?
looks good here, but i have no idea how many albums are actually multi CD, just to confirm.
thank you once again :slight_smile: