Easy way to remove unnecessary id3v2 tags


I’ve ripped all my CD’s to my computer with both id3v1 and id3v2 tags. Now I’ve come to understand, that id3v2 tags is much slower for winamp to reed, so I wonder..
Is there a way to remove unnecessary id3v2 tags, other than [CTRL + X] and [CTRL + V]?

(Other method is needed due to the limitations of the clipboard, and the amount of my mp3 files)

  • Michael


in m3ptag > help > first steps > removing tags from files

tools > options > tags > mpeg > "remove" >

i suppose, uncheck remove id3v1 and keep id3v2 checked....then in mp3tag just right click the file and "remove tag"

i would test out on one file, instead of whole library just to be sure though