Edit all files in Current Working Directory

first, Mp3 tag is the best tagger i have ever used, and i will continue to use it, as it supports AAC while many taggers do not. i also love having the artwork in the main window now!!!!

my issue:

in 2.37a, if i right clicked one song and selected 'mp3tag' via the context menu, mp3tag would open up and show all songs in that directory, with out the need to add them individually.

in 2.38 when i right click a song, and select 'mp3tag' via windows explorer context menu, mp3 tag only opens up the said song.

how can automatically add all songs in the current working directory like i used to be able to do in 2.37a? (via a right click context action if possible)

~the current work around~

in 2.38, right click the folder that has the directory of songs you want to work with, and they will all open within mp3tag.

You can edit the registry:
Context Menu ~ The Old Way