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thanks to dano I come closer to a list, I would like to have since years.
I have a audio book collection and I'd like to export a list to show:



I am close to this using dano's script, but I cannot add album cover. Sometimes I have a _cover.jpg in the folder path, sometimes not. Sometimes, an album has an own folder, sometimes not.

This is how I changed dano's skript (I hope, this is ok?)

Now my question is: What do I need to add, so mp3tag exports the covers from the file?

Anybody with patience to answer - thank you in advance.

dano_List_Genre_js_ex___mod.MI2.mte.zip (2.04 KB)

Please don't add the whole code in your post. It gets changed by the forum software and is not working any more.
It is better to attach this much code as a file (txt mte or zip)

ok, done.
Sorry, did not think about this.
Encl. code as zip.

Why is the line with the covers hidden as html comment?

What's exactly the problem with the covers?
You have specified %_folderpath_rel%Folder.jpg as location for your covers. That means your covers are in the same folder as the audio files.

Mp3tag cannot 'export covers from file' from within an export script.
Mp3tag can 'export covers from file' using action "Export cover to file".


Hello Dano:

I set the line in comment, as I would prefer to receive the covers from the file, not the folder.

I have an audio book collection, which has sometimes folders for one book, but sometimes folders containing several books.
In case I have a folder for one audio book, there is the cover within the mp3 and as a extra file: '_cover.jpg'

In case, I have several short audio books in one folder, the covers' names aren't '_cover.jpg' then.
But always in the mp3 file.

winamp does create a nice list, after defining a query. But I never found out, how to export such a list. Now I just would like to have a list of all my audio books and radio plays. That's the goal.

So I would say DetlevD's answer will shut down my hope of creating this with mp3tag:
Mp3tag cannot 'export covers from file' from within an export script.
Mp3tag can 'export covers from file' using action "Export cover to file'.

Thank you both, for trying to help.

At first you have to use Mp3tag to export the embedded cover image out of the music file to a physical image file and save it with a filename into some folder on a storage device.

From within an Mp3tag export script, by writing a script in another markup language like HTML or scripting language like VBS, you have access to the image file by its file path name, due to the other languages term for file access.