[Edit->Find] and [Find And Replace] Option

Great goody and and the most convenient , universally recommendable, or just THANKS!!!

This post is to request the author to add [Edit->Find] and [Find And Replace] Option in future version.

Thanks for the near perfect software again.

The function for locating certain contents is realized with a filter

The replace function can be found as an action (and stored) or executed as "one off" with "Actions (quick).
(i know that you wanted to have that in the "Edit" menu)

I've been looking for this function for years, I didn't know it's there :angry:
Thanks for your post ohrenkino.
PS: Yes, I made an account just to thank you :rolleyes:.
Though I'm an user of mp3tag for years like I said before, I never made an account on the forum because I never had any trouble with this tiny lovely piece of software which I love :wub:


Thanks for your reply.

it's allready there? oo000000ops... quite inept way huh!
anyways I've used that and learned to use.

but still I wonder if the function could be implemented in the edit menu itself in future version.

Thanks again.