Edit Matroska separate Video/Audio/stream track tags?

Is there a way for Mp3tag to tag the separate tracks (eg. video, audio tracks), similar to the I believe, the Global Matroska tags?

For example below is my rotation tag for MKV, which though unofficial is recognized by media players like MPC-HC (the very first one), MPC-BE (second), and PotPlayer (third to support). Not sure if there are any other player already.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- <!DOCTYPE Tags SYSTEM "matroskatags.dtd"> -->

The example above simply uses the tagname ROTATE. Value of 90, to rotate the video 90 degrees to the right. When the MKV is played by MPC-HC, MPC-BE, and PotPlayer, the video is losslessly auto-rotated during playback, no need to manually hit the players' shortcut keys or click the necessary steps. Such tag must be put to the video track, not Global. The important things there are ROTATE and the numerical value (for example 90, 180, 270) which a User could input.

Advantage of such tag is of course it is lossless since it is just a tag, and since it is with Matroska, then other video formats like VP8, VP9, etc. can be losslessly auto-rotated during play back too, just like MP4's lossless rotation but only for AVC/H.264. I have no experience with HEVC in MP4 yet.

For now, I put such rotation tag to multiple MKV's using MKVToolNix's CLI exe's in Batch files. Thanks.