Hi =
I'm testing the mac version.
I'm using Traktor an d i like to edit the POPULARIMETER value in mp3tag
I found topic on how show the value on mp3tag (with nice stas, working well :slight_smile: .. thanks the commmunity =)
But i want to edit these value directly, i found some siultion but working with action edition on Windows.
I don't find the solution on mac.

You can do this via the extended tag dialog at Cmd+T, where it might be listed as a RATING MM or RATING WMP field if it stems from either MediaMonkey or Windows Media Player.

Thank you for your answer.
I found the extended tag & RATING MM
When i import some m4a, it import a rate in RATING MM but it's not the same than the Traktor rating.
When editing RATING MM it doesn't change the Traktor rating and vice versa.
I'm still looking for a solution

Can you add the rating to the M4A via Traktor and in Mp3tag's extended tag dialog at Cmd+T check which field is written with the rating value?

Thank you for the answer
The field for a mp3 is POPULARIMETER : traktor@native-instruments.de|153|0
is the value for 3 stars
It seems there is no tag when it's a M4A
i change the rating in Traktor but no change on mp3tag

There are two rating values in the screenshot of the extended tag. It's called differently (RATING and RATING WMP) but maybe this is what you're looking for.