edit tag directly on iPod?



I have thousands of files on my iPod, most of which are badly tagged.
I have been using MP3Tag for a while to batch-tag mp3 files on my computer.
Can I batch-tag the music files directly on my iPod, without having to unload them from the device?
Note: I tried to do this by "Change directory..."-ing to the iPod icon in "My Computer". But for some reason when I select the "Music" in the iPod tree (in My Computer), MP3Tag only reads a few files (correctly though). When I select "iPod control" from the same tree, it reads what seems like albums, but the file names are all encoded.

Can someone who is not as 'layman' as I am help me with this?

Any effort is greatly appreciated!



No that won't work. iPods reads tags form its database and not from the files.
And I don't know if it is good when you load these ipod foldersin Mp3tag, they have a different file system, you might corrupt something if you edit the files.