Edit tag of files stored on OneDrive without download

Hi everyone!
I connected to MP3Tag my Music folder stored in OneDrive (and Onedrive only). As it started to browse the files for tags, it also downoloaded the files, which I don't want.
Is there an option to edit tags of files stored remotely only (Onedrive in my case, but I assume it is the same for Dropbox, iCloud and so on)?

I always thought that as soon as you really open a file and not just look at the file system file properties, onedrive has to download the file.
As the tags are "inside" the file, the file has to be opened.
Also, I think that all this is handled by onedrive and onedrive decides what to do with file requests.
So I think you have play around with the onedrive settings and their support.

I'm afraid you're right... Guess I gotta get a NAS to sync Onedrive and play with my files localy.