Edit the artist field

Hi , im new to the forum and have picked up some great methods for editing my tags so far , although i have to admit it take me a few goes to get some of the to work ! :smiley:

i'm struggling to workout how to do this one though !

in my ARTIST field i have Cliff, Jimmy

i want it to read Jimmy Cliff

how can i achieve this ?

many thanks


Type it in?
If you have more than a couple then you could create an action of the type
"Replace with regular expression".
Enter as search string:
(.), (.)
Enter as replace string:
$2 $1

this takes the comma as separator and will lead to rather strange results for all entries that have more than one comma (e.g. Earth, WInd & Fire will become Wind & Fire Earth).

Thanks ohrenkino , that worked perfectly ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had hundreds to do , and it would have taken me ages ! thanks again . Lee

I'm glad if I could be of assistance.
Do come back if you need more advice. There loads of other posters in this forum that will be just as helpful.