Edit title by adding date in parenthesis

I would like to create a custom action to place a specific date in parenthesis after the end of the title. Example Before: ABC - Book of Love Example After Edit: ABC - Book of Love (1986) I used this string that I figured out for myself: %title% '('%year%')' and it inputs the ear of the album and I want it to put in the year that I specify. Also I want to do the same thing for the _FILENAME and I use this string: %artist% - %title% '('%year%')' which works ok but sometimes the date is wrong and I want to specify a specific year. Can anyone help me figure this out? MP3tag is awesome software. Imagine editing thousands of songs one by one? I used to do it until this software. thank you MP3Tag. Cheers to all.

You want to specify a different date than what is in the %year% field? So where will this come from?
And for the file name that is not processing correctly, what is the result and how is it different than what you expect?

Is there a "year" function in MP3Tag? I found only the %_date% function, which appears in this format:
%title% (%_date%)

Of course, if you desire to add the current date after the Title content.

This shows the system time/date. I doubt that this was the OPs idea.
The tag field that shows the 4-digit year is called YEAR or, if referenced, %year%
There are other fields with time references like
and other properties like

Field Purpose
%_file_create_date% Short creation date
%_file_create_datetime% Long creation date
%_file_create_datetime_raw% Long creation date (unix timestamp)
%_file_mod_date% Short modification date
%_file_mod_datetime% Long modification date
%_file_mod_datetime_raw% Long modification date (unix timestamp)

For a full reference of supported fields, see the help

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The "Year" is only the name of the "Year" field. So, before you can add the %year% into or after any title in brackets, you have to have the "Year" field already tagged with a year. So, the format will be in this way:
Field: TITLE
Format string:
%title% (%year%)

Sorry for the late reply I lost this forum and just found it again. Thank you ever so kindly for your help. I do appreciate all of you that replied. Cheers and stay healthy and happy folks.