Edited Tag Still Shows Old Album in KANN Alpha

First time poster, but have been using MP3tag for years, great little program for what small tasks I need to use it for.

OK, here's the issue I'm facing. I just got a new HD player, the Astell & Kern KANN Alpha. I just transferred a number of "Mixes" to the players internal memory. These are compilations of various songs from various sources, all of which I have edited the tags to conform with that particular mix, essentially making them their own album and putting each mix in their own folder. For instance (and is one of the files in question) I have an "'80's Mix" where I changed the album name for all files id tags to the name of the '80's mix. (Yes, I also have all of them checked with a "compilation" field as well since it's all different artists.) But for some strange reason for this mix (and another one) the KANN Alpha player is reading 1 of the files album field as the original album name I got the song from instead of the album name I changed it to in the id tag!? This is causing the player to read it as a separate album (just one song) and not including it with all the others in that mix/album. Yet, when I look at the id tag using MP3tag or dbpoweramp's tag editor, it shows as the '80's Mix name and not the original.

I have never run into this particular problem before and it has me scratching my head a bit. I assume it has something to do with the way the KANN Alpha reads the file tags? Is it reading some remnant of the original/unedited tag or another tag imbedded in the file? (Can there be more than 1 tag?) I have these same mixes from the same source in itunes/ipod, on my android phone using Poweramp app to read/play and even on the older model KANN and all of them read these files tags correctly, as 1 album, as I have edited them. I tried deleting and reinputting the tag info in the files tag using MP3tag, no good. I even have a couple other songs from the same original album I got this song I'm having this problem with, yet their id tags are being read correctly!

So if anyone has any suggestions on how/what to look for to fix the tags, I sure would appreciate it!

Use the extended tag editor on that file, to see if you have any stray tags that have the info you don't want. It could even be one of the sort tags, although I am not sure if the KANN would look at those.

Check if you have APE tags in the file. You see that in the dialogue title of the extended tags dialogue for a single file,
Check if you have ALBUMARTIST filled for all the files and be it with a dummy artist like "Various".
Check if the stray file really has the same data for ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM. The easiest way would be to select all files of the same album and see if the field for ALBUM shows the same data for all files or <keep>.

Enhanced tag editor? Where is that? I see the extended, but not that one.

Please press Alt-T to open the dialogue "extended tags".

No, I have no APE tags in the file. I guess I should have mentioned in my OP these are ALAC (MP4) lossless files (.m4a). The tag field shows MP4 for them. Nope, the AlbumArtist field is blank for all. The album field shows the 80's mix name with all files selected.

Could you check if the behaviour gets better when ALBUMARTIST is filled?

Nope, still does the same thing. :frowning_face: I think I may try to rerip or convert the file with the new album info put into it from the start and see if that fixes the problem. Ultimately I'm going to make playlist files for all these too, which doesn't exactly fix the problem, but it will have all the songs in it in the right order whether they are all showing in the same album or not. It's just having multiple listings for what should be all 1 album is kinda annoying.

Sorry, typo from auto correct. I edited my post.

Well, I reripped that track I needed and manually filled in the info I wanted it to have and that fixed it. I guess I'll just have to do the same thing with the other 2 files in the other mix I'm have the same problem with. At least it was only 2 of the compilations and not all! The KANN Alpha is a new player so maybe once they upgrade the firmware/software it could fix the issue? It's just real weird since nothing I load the id tags into shows the previous album name or any other tag shenanigans. Thanks for all the suggestions anyway!