Editing 2786 files using a Uniform filename

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and these track numbers...the problem I am trying to fix, is the track numbers. Of course, I got what I even have, probably it was in the original metadata in some cases, in other cases I set it from the filename and it is already done.

I should reiterate that most of the difficult work here has been done already. There were some difficult files and folders such as (an) Electric Frankenstein folder (which I am reminded of because there is still another Electric Frankenstein here in the picture) which is screwed up in further iterations on other computers already because I tried to do a further operation and that deleted the artwork. This happens every so often with some files. I am not sure which type of tags it happens to but you see it when you change one field and watch as all the other fields disappear in Windows.

I cannot see where the data in TRACK should not be right.
I can see that some files follow a different pattern than others e.g. that they only show the artist's name.
So I would rename the files with Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) _ %artist% _ %title%
or even
Format string: %abumartist% _ %album% _ $num(%track%,2) _ %artist% _ %title%

Once again, my edits are leaving my words behind in the flow here...I had already done the track numbers. This block of files is retagged. The only reason I am still able to view these 1888 files here in this folder, is because I have not yet gotten to the stage where I move them out of the folder and add artworks and place them in the other computer, and on phones.

We can see on the screenshots that the filenames are still a mess for some of these as well.

if you're interested in these screenshots, I have some pretty good action shots from April 2....when I was doing this. For example this one here

I don't doubt that a renaming program can rename 571 files.
I still wonder what you try to achieve.
Can't you just show us a successfully renamed file and its original name?
And then we'll see how that could be done with MP3tag?

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I don't think this would be any easier without Bulk Rename Utility. The two programs work very well when used simultaneously, because the Bulk Rename does a completely different thing, with a different method. Take this screenshot for example. There is not an easy way in mp3tag for me to remove the hyphen or underscore found on so many of the files, but Bulk Rename Utility has a very easy way to do it.

If you are satisfied with that renaming program - fine.
Do you have any further questions about MP3tag functions?
If so, please open a new topic.

As a footnote: of course, MP3tag can easily remove underscores from filenames. But that would be a different topic.

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Doesn't make much sense when I referenced this topic thread twice (essential to understanding the post) in the post.

I will never understand moderators. You can't separate that post from this thread. It is nonsensical. You are simply trying to pursue some austere idea that is irrelevant to real world.

As you don't answer straightforward questions, do not give feedback whether suggestions work, change the topic in mid-run from


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and the only common thing is that the changes should happen to the filename.
From my point of view these are all different topics as they all point to a different approach.

Why have you never attempted to rename the files with Convert>Tag-Filename?

As the files are nicely tagged all further fiddling with the filename alone is tedious, superfluous effort as there is a much easier solution.


I've read the entire thread and yet I still don't feel like I know what it is that Dick_Harpees wants to achieve.

I also regularly use separate renaming utilities (PowerRename for 1-offs and Advanced Renamer for "advanced stuff") however mp3tag offers almost everything I can think of in terms of renaming functionality when it comes to audio files.

I agree that a comparison of:

original filename with original tags
finished filename with new tags

would really help in trying to understand the goal(s).


I was originally trying to get a lot of different info from the long list of file names all in one directory (all in different folders). Probably my first goal was to get the track numbers from the filenames. There are a lot of different ways this part of a filename gets written. Not every one can be easily taken out with the same string. SO I went through the list, sorting, and doing what I could with the largest subsets of the files to get the numbers across to the track field using the program. Then I would get down to smaller and smaller quantities of files. I wrote it in the first few posts pretty clearly, (back during the ones where it was needed to add the command to indicate text I wanted not indented) If you cant see that each of those different text is a track number such as 1, surrounded by different spaces and punctuations and hyphens and combinations of those, then look closer. So my original question, was is it possible to seperate the numbers over the first say 5 to 7 of a file name from any other non alpha numeric characters and put those in the track field. Simple enough, if I could have done all at once with an ignore anything except numerals over n amount of characters it could have really saved a lot of effort.

As by now 3 months have passed since the first post and none of the questions of the participants in this thread has been clearified so that a solution could be identified - has anything changed in the meantime?
Did you solve your problem?

Well as my new adjacent post stated, I did make the tags look pretty spectacular. However now there is the new problem.

New problem -> new thread.

But this thread can be closed as you found some kind of solution?

The only solution was 1 by 1 unfortunately to the bitter end. Don't make it disappear or whatever. Do what you want I guess.

Do you need any further suggestions on the problem?
If so, a first step would be to go through the numerous questions to clearify the problem and also some statements which suggestions you already tried (or why not) and what the outcome was.

Well, like I said the list was done before I got that one suggestion that might work next time. It will have to wait till then.

which was..?
Please tick the solution check box in the post that shows the solution.

I haven't had an opportunity to solve the issue yet. It may never happen I am getting to the age where I don't think I need a lot more mp3s in my collection.