Editing A File Name

Hi Everyone,

Thanks For the Help. I had another query. Most Songs i have, have a file name with the artist, album, song title. Any action or in-built function that allows just to keep the song title and delete the rest.

Thanks for the Help.

Try the function "Tag - Filename" with the mask %title% (can be selected if you press the right-arrow in the dialogue).

BUT: if you reduce your filenames don't be tempted to also reduce the amount of data in your tags as it is very hard to reconstruct it if you should need it again. :wink:

Yes, as suggested (above) - I do this all the time because I appreciate the simplicity of having tag and filename the same.

There is another snag: If there are two (or more) files with the same tag-name within a computer directory / folder, then MP3Tag will decline to rename any but the first.

Yet another snag is that some characters employed in tags are unacceptable in file name - so, again, MP3Tag will decline to rename those cases.

But these are exceptions. In general, the process works very well.