Editing a title: Position of the cursor shifted to the right

When editing a title that is longer than the length of the field, the cursor will be shifted to the right when trying to position it toward the beginning of the title. The title field displays the title from the left to the right but in edition mode, it displays it from the right to the left and places the cursor at a relative position from the left making this position quite random from the initial user intention.

For example: Suppose the title has 60 characters and the field only displays 50 characters. When you click to place your cursor at the 5th character to edit the title, Mp3tag will set the cursor at about the 15th position instead when entering the edition mode. Is this intentional?

I am not sure that I can reproduce it.
Where do you want to modify the data? The file list or the tag panel?

I just tried to modify a narrow field column with a lot of text.
First click selects the column
Second click enters edit mode which means that the end of the text ist shown, the whole data is selected.
As soon as I use the cursor keys, the keyboard cursor moves accordingly from the end.
If I click between the first 2 letters of the visible section, the keyboard cursor goes to that position. No jumps.
And I think the same applies to the tag panel.
But perhaps I handle the mouse and keyboard differently.

Here is a video showing 2 examples. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HeXFR5x0WZlybc_kysvpwwyLQUBn9ch5/view?usp=sharing
One where the cursor stays where the user wants it and another one where the cursor does not stay where the user wants it. In this second case, the user has to reposition the cursor before editing the text which is not as user-friendly.

Thanks for your quick feedback!

Do you happen to know any other application that does it better?
It would be easier then to compare.

Edit: I have seriously tried to reproduce the behavior that you described. But I can't.
This does not mean that you are wrong or whatever.
But this could indicate that it is no MP3tag problem but something elsewhere.
My first thought would be: do you use some kind of special pointing device with a special driver or the opposite - everything as default equipment?

Sure. The Chrome browser. Click in the URL bar where you want the cursor and the cursor will end up where you want it no matter what additional processing needs to do Chrome.

OK, I tried with FireFox and the address input.
What I observed:
An initial click selects the whole contents of the url input and the string stays aligned left.
A second click positions the keyboard cursor at the position where I clicked.
Except the different alignments (Firefox: left, MP3tag: right) I see no difference.
Both applications first select the whole contents, then a second click puts the cursor at exactly the targeted positions.
So, is your idea to keep the fields left-aligned?

I observe this same behaviour gap between mp3tag, Chrome, and even to a degree in Excel. I expect most programs to have a similar concept of a field, and how they handle selecting the contents. The first "click" selects the field itself. If the field contents are longer than display area, mp3tag shifts the contents to show the far right details. This does differ from how other programs react, where most tend to focus to the starting, left end of the data.

A second "click" in mp3tag will then allow the cursor to be positioned at that point, but if you want that to be closer to the left of the content, it requires you to use the left-arrow or even the Home key. The opposite is the case with other programs, where the right-arrow or End keys are required to scroll to the far end of the displayed data. (Except Excel, which requires a "double-click" once the cell has been selected first, in order to directly edit the contents).

In the end, I guess it really comes down to which user you are satisfying - those looking to append data to the end of an existing tag (current method), or those that are looking to edit a field from the beginning of the tag (desired by how many?).

Hi ohrenkino

Thank you for your investigation of this behavior.

I will try to provide more detail about my view of the expected behavior. Mp3tag shows the left portion of the string/title if a portion of it cannot be seen. This is correct.
Now, when clicking in the field the cursor should stay at the chosen position (examples: 5th or 17th position).
Now, I also understand that someone in a particular scenario just wants to click in the field to see the cursor set at the end of the string/title to edit the end of it. Assuming this need, it seems difficult to make a choice on the behavior to favor.
I would personally select the first behavior. A mouse click, in general, has the intention to position your next action.
The second behavior mentioned can be quite easily achieved by clicking in the field + pressing END on the keyboard for a total of 2 simple user actions. The same cannot be said for the first behavior at the moment since no key on the keyboard can bring the cursor where the user wants it and forces him to navigate and find back the desired location.

I hope this help more.

So, there is no real shifting in position.
The only thing that happens: the field gets selected regardless where the actual click happened in respect to character position.

This description does not quite reflect what happens: in fact MP3tag displays the end of a string, any character position under the mouse cursor depends on the length of the string and where the field got clicked.
Currently, there is no way to change this behaviour.

This also applies to get to the front of the string...

Been struggling with this as well. The only workaround I've found so far is to to drag the tag editor window to the right to allow the field in question to completely fit on the screen. Then whenever I click on the selection to edit, the mouse cursor is placed into the intended position right away.