Editing actions mta not working for special character (sometimes)

I'm trying to add lambda on mp3tag and it won't show up, it always just shows up as the unicode 16 code in both the program and on windows. I have been able to add in other unicode symbols but this one is giving me problems for some reason. I have used both u03bb and u039b. I edited the actions to put the lambda symbol into it and it comes out as just the unicode without the "". I then also created an action wit the lambda symbol in it and then grabbed the unicode symbol out of the action and then created a new action with that unicode (which was \u039b) and it didn't work either. Only way I've been able to get it work was just doing it manually in the program but I was wondering if I am doing something wrong with editing the mta files or what (i'm using notepad++)

What happens, if you edit the actions inside MP3tag with the MP3tag actions dialogue?

So I edited the music file manually in explorer and then grabbed it with mp3tag to then copy that string to the action items to replace a normal string without unicode and it works. But just wondering why it's not working when editing the mta outside of the program. I open up the mta action and it shows the exact same unicode I've been using. It always just comes out as the string \u039b or just U039B if I put in the actual lambda symbol in the mta.

I can only say that the preferred way to edit actions is to use the MP3tag internal functions.
I am a little reluctant to do a lot of debugging why your way leads to problems.

That's fair. I just wrote some code on a third party program that just rights an mta file that replaces all instances of the artist, album, and album artist to the actual way that the artist stylizes their name so it's just easier to just slap the lambda unicode in there and then auto generate the mta.

also i could probably do an easier way but even though i'm only changing 3 fields, i do a 6 loop to change each field twice from replacing 'lowercase' to stylized and then replacing 'uppercase' to stylized just in case the artist name is stylized as all lower case and then it won't replace any of the fields since i'm replace lowercase with the same string of lower case.