Editing Date Release

I use MP3tag religiously to complete tag info in my DJ music library. I download my music from several record pools which I am a member of. Is there a way to add a field within the software which will embed a Date Release field in the tag information? The "Date Released" column is viewable when selected in windows explorer but not editable.

Most people use the "Year" field for "Date Released", why don't you just use that field.

I don't see the "Date Released" column in Windows Explorer, unless you're referring to "Date Created" which means the date the file was created.

Perhaps the field RELEASETIME comes in handy.

If You right click on the top columns, you can and "More". My DJ software imports music and pulls for from these fields as a way to sort music files. The date created field would be completely different then the date release. For example, if I download an old song today it would have a creation date of today. The release date could actually be 03/25/1998.

A lot of those fields available in Windows Explorer are specific to other file types like image and video, so Date Released must belong to a non-audio file type.

Year or RELEASETIME would be your best bet.