Editing file name

the first file is the result of your script %dummy%. %title%

the second line is the result of me doing the following filename to tag using your script %dummy%. %title%. Is there a script I can use without the dot?

Where do you see a dot in

This the result after conversion

Which conversion?

And then please show us the corresponding conversion string that you used.

This is the result i am looking for and I thank you all of your help. There will be some minor editing but the bilk of the editing is completed. I used ag-Filename
Format string: %title% and case converting for each heading

Looks like there are a couple of leftovers like the tracks by Superchumbo or the Freemansons.
They actually look like the very first pattern that you supplied ... or is there something different?

yes, there's multiple of files of the same songs. Though by the help of the community I've been able to eliminate duplicate files

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