Editing file name

Hello, I cant figure out how to edit the filename. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks

Why would you want to edit the filename with a tagging program?
I would edit the tags and then perhaps create a new filename from the tag data.
If the filename is currently good enough for the file manager which means it is unique, then all the rest like sorting and filtering should be done by the player with the tag data and not with the filename.

I would recommend the first steps section in the help to get some assistance:

Who are you to question the uniformity of my files? The vast majority of my files are the same with exception to some files and there’s over 1000 files. That is why I asked the question of how to make the change in the first place

Here is something to look at to get better answers to otherwise rather general question:

It would esp. helpful if you told us what you already have in the tags, what the filenames look like at the moment and what they should be after treatment.

You asked the question, and the answer was provided in the very next post. I think the comments there weren’t about the uniformity, but rather the methodology of how they can be derived from your tags. If the info already exists, renaming one or all of your files is pretty straightforward and is documented in that link.I don’t see anything offensive in that.

Different opinions as to what was responded to

You can likely find the solution here, using the Converter for Tag to Filename.

I guess the question was based on the initial request being a bit vague, in the sense that perhaps you could have been asking how to literally edit the file name from within mp3tag. But since it was more likely you were asking how to use your tags to rename the files, and possibly folders, the Convertor is the way to go here. You can also use the Format function, but the Converter has the advantage of a preview to confirm the desired results in advance.

This is more difficult and simplistic. I’ll see if I can find something out there that's a tad easier

You have 1000 files to rename. It doesn’t get much easier than using the examples to rename your files based on the completed tags. You haven’t provided much else to go on to help simplify this for you otherwise. If you share what you have and what you would like it to look like, that would be a great start.

image before manual edit
image after manual edit
image details of the file

It would have been nice to see what you already have in the tag fields.

I would like to add that the Windows Explorer is no tagging program.
You find numerous posts that note surprising results after trying the Windows Explorer instead of MP3tag.

If the filename is
- - 00 - 01 [Copyright feat Imaani] I pray (Main Mix).mp3

Then try Convert>Filename-Tag
Pattern: - - %dummy% - %track% [Copyright %comment%] %title%
(If the filename looks any different, the please copy&paste it as text to the forum to show us)

After that use Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: %title%

how do I convert all fields to upper case? Not sure what ive done to put it to all lower case

Even though you don't like already existing descriptions, the problem of case conversion has been handled in the FAQs:

t would still be nice for us sitting far away from your PC to get some description of what you have done which led to the described result.
If you really have imported the tag data from the filename then you can see that already the existing filename is in mixed case.

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so here's my issue as you can see the file name is --00-DOJA CAT, THE WEEKEND - YOU RIGHT (OFFICAL VIDEO). The same for the title.

How can I get the filename to look as follows YOU RIGHT (OFFICIAL VIDEO).MP3 and the Title to look like YOU RIGHT (OFFICIAL VIDEO). I don't care about the rest with exception to GENRE and BPM

Also I do look at the help to try and figure it out myself though being brand new to this type of program I appreciate your assistance.

Try to import the data first with Convert>Filename -Tag.
Mask: %dummy% - %title%
There is a preview in that function that should show you the expected result.
If you do not see the right data assigned to TITLE, then the pattern in the filename does not match that in the mask.

After you have filled the field TITLE use Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: %title%
There is also a preview.


I think I'm missing something? following your steps

Your scheme has to follow the pattern in the actual file name. In this case you would have to use
%dummy%. %title%
To get the field Title

As @MotleyG wrote: you are missing the dot following the number and got 1 hyphen too many.
In that respect you did not follow my steps

What would also be interesting for us, sitting far away from you:
Has it worked to import data from

Also, I would have expected that you would have wandered through the FAQs a little more.
As a filename with a leading number is described there as an FAQ topic.

The same example can be found in the documentation about Converters: