Editing folder names by tags?


I use the converter to rename files by tags. Is it possible to do the same to folders?

Often I have folders like that: albumname
I would like to name the folders like that: (year) albumname (xx Tracks)

Thanks in advance and happy new year to everyone!

Have a look in the FAQ:

You can also use the converter Tag->Tag for the pseudo-tagfield _DIRECTORY
Format string: (%year%) %album%

The part of the total tracks of an album depends on which file encoding for the music you use (MP3,
MP4, FLAC) and which tagfields you have filled.

Thanks for your helping answer.

As far as I tried it out it works. But as you mentioned the track numbers are a problem.
Another thing is this creates a new directory and moves the (music)-files there. So all other files stored in the previous directory are left there. Is there a way just to rename the current folders in the directory with those strings?

I already wrote the solution for this: Converter Tag->Tag for Tagfield _DIRECTORY.

I did not write anything special about the totaltracks-part because you wrote nothing till now if you have this information already stored in one of your tagfields. If not you have to create this information before.

My bad - i should have read more carefully.

Thanks, got it now to work. At least for the year and album part.

Unfortunately I can't figure it out for the total tracks. My track fields are stored with info like 01, 02... or 01/10, 02/10... and so on. I tried the totaltracks and the _total_files but ended up with wrong numbering.

($num(%year%,4)) %album% ($num(%totaltracks%,2)) gives me (1987) Die Ärzte) (00)
($num(%year%,4)) %album% ($num(%_total_files%,2)) gives me a total number of all files

What am I missing here?

If you show us a screenshot from ALT + T of one of your tracks we can probably better help you.

AFAIK TOTALTRACKS is only filled for flac files.
For all others you have to extract the trainling number from the field TRACK

Ok, I wanted to take a screenshot and noticed that there's a field called "TRACKTOTAL". I changed ($num(%year%,4)) %album% ($num(%totaltracks%,2)) to ($num(%year%,4)) %album% ($num(%tracktotal%,2)) and now it works but just with FLAC Files. But with mp3 it fails.

Yes, as expected for non-flac files

As I wrote it differs from the kind of files you have and naturally if the tags-fields are filled properly. A tag-field TOTALTRACKS is used in FLACS, in MP3Tag the total amount of tracks of an album ist stored in the TRACK-field like "1/13". You can create this scheme in MP3s with the autonumbering wizard. So (as Ohrenkino wrote) you have to extract it from there. A tagfield TOTALTRACKS with MP3s would be non standard and so a user-defined field.

%_total_files% gives you the number of files that are marked. So if you want to use this you have to go album by album and the albums have to be complete.

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