Editing Genre list

How may I edit the list of genres presented e.g. in the tag panel drop-down combo box? Thanks.

Under the Options.


Duh! :wink:

Excellent - thanks Sebastian.

404 Error on the link. Couldn't find it otherwise.

Really would like to merge my Audacity genre list, which I can edit with my MP3tag list that I can't directly edit.

Ahem: that is the link to the help. Press F1 to open the help.
Or follow this link:

Yes, I saw that, but since the tags are defaulted to ID3v2.3, I thought that was fixed, so in most of my files only use that option. Do I have to rid of those files still using ID3v1?

I was also looking for the text-based file that generates it. Thanks.

As ID3V1 does not use the text but a defined number (id) set by the standard, all non-standard genres are mapped to "other". If you can live with that then you do not have to remove the ID3V1 tags.

You find a file "genres.ini" in the data folder.