Editing multiple files

When editing multiple files I use macros. Now the editing stops on the last column and I have to use the mouse to move to the next item. Didn't have to do this in the older versions.

What do you mean by "macros"? "Actions"?

I use a program called hot key. This puts in the redundant info so I don't have to re-type every line item. In the last version when the macro ended, the next line would automatically be set up so all I would have to do is run the macro again. Now it hangs on the last column and I have to mouse it to the next line. Just frustrating is all.

The best way to fill in tag fields are the built-in actions.
You can also check if toggling the setting for "Editing in the file list selects next file" makes a difference.
You find it in Tools>Options>General