Editing or renaming file names

I can't seem to get anything to work in changing file names. Neither replace, regular expressions, or format.

When I select what tag to edit, I'm given three choices:


I'm not sure where these strings came from, but even a simple replace doesn't work choosing any of them.

I'm sure its something simple I'm missing. Hints or guidance requested.

WinXP, using Mp3tag v2.46a


The correct field is _FILENAME without any % signs.

yes... that works. Thanks.

Maybe a couple more questions:

= = Why does the field have a "_" ?

= = I didn't make up the three other names. I'm sure they were somehow "suggested" by mp3tag. Do they have some other uses??

thnx again.


Mp3tag provides some handling of computer or disk system related values as pseudo tag fields, which have a leading underline character, e. g. _FILENAME.
For more pseudo tag fields take a look into the Mp3tag help manual.