Editing sequential tracks in the track display section

New user, first post:

I like to edit the track numbers in multi-volume albums so I don't have two "Track 1"s. This is easy in the track listing; two single clicks in the track number puts me in edit mode. What happens next could be improved:

To complete the change, then move to the next track I have to click the next track. I prefer to do this with the keyboard. Most applications that I use allow the "Down arrow" key to do this in one easy step. It avoids having to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back.

Of course, if there were an option in the "Track" field, "Re-Number", which I suggest would only appear when you had all of the displayed tracks selected, then I wouldn't have been here at all! :slight_smile:

Try the return key.

Or use "Tools > Auto-numbering wizard..."

Brilliant! Thank you.

It would be nice to allow "Down Arrow" as an alias for "Return" so I don't have to remember two distinct ways of doing this (and the down arrow doesn't seem to be doing anything else), but maybe my other applications (WMP 11 being the main one) accept "Return"?

No, WMP11 treats "Return" as "commit update" but then leaves edit mode. Curses!