Editing tags and itunes

Does anyone know why, after I edit tags where I add a releasetime to the tag, then edit the tag with Itunes, it deletes the releasetime that I added with mp3tag?

Further description of what I was doing.
I was trying to get all of my podcasts in the same folder by getting all the podcasturl's the same location. Which worked great. Then I would give them all their release dates so they would play in order. I later numbered the tracks with Itunes and it deleted all their release dates from the tag for some reason.

So I re added all the release dates again with mp3tag and imported the folder into itunes. Everything looked good, but I had not put any information in the description of one of the files so I typed in the information in itunes.. And it deleted the release date again.

I don't understand why when I edit the tag it's not permanent. The Podcasturl that I change stays permanent, but the releasetime keeps disappearing. Is there anyway to get the releasetime to stay permanently?

Any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated.

I have no idea, but I would ask: Why are you editing the file in iTunes? Is there something that you can't do in Mp3tag?

You can't add releasetime or releasedate in Itunes. Unless I've overlooked it. I use mp3tag to achieve that, but it won't stay permanent.

My podcasts when downloaded had different URL's so they were in different folders. I don't like the many folders that Itunes creates because of this. So I use mp3tag to clean that up.

When I download a new podcast that I want to add to a existing folder. I use mp3tag to get it in the folders with the others by editing the PODCASTURL, but if I edit the track number, for example I had 75 podcasts, numbered 1 thru 75. Now I have a 76th podcast that I downloaded. In Itunes I change the number of podcasts from 75 to 76. So 1 thru 76. Then it deletes the release time that I edited in mp3tag for some reason.

I just want my podcast edited through mp3tag or Itunes to stay as I've edited it so they will play in order they were released.

I think you misunderstood my question. Not "why are you editing tags in Mp3tag". Why are you editing tags in iTunes? Is there something Mp3tag cannot edit?

I use I tunes to renumber the tracks to keep them in order. I don't understand why changes using either are not permanent to the tag.

Like I said, I don't know what iTunes does, but I know I don't trust it and wouldn't allow it to alter any tags unless it were absolutely necessary.

You can easily use Mp3tag to renumber tracks and/or rename the files to contain track numbers so that they appear in order.

What type of file are these and what field name are you using in Mp3tag to add 'release date'?

In the Mp3tag documentation I see ORIGYEAR (TORY/TDOR) and RELEASETIME (TDRL).

I just figure most manage their music, podcasts, etc. with Itunes.

My podcasts numbered in order at times don't play in that order after being synced. And I hoped getting the release dates added to the tags would keep them playing in order without me having to search through them.

It's a minor inconvenience. I'll hold out hope that someone else has or had my dilemma and knows of a fix.

The files are MPEG Layer 3 Audio. I open Mp3tag, I change the directory to the folder they are stored in, I select the file I want to edit, I click add field, in the edit tag field I type RE and releasetime shows, for the value I put in 2011-07-31T23:00:00Z. Later I import folder into itunes. Everything will show as I edited it.

If I make one change to the tag in itunes though. Remove the folder from itunes and re import it. The releasedate or releasetime is now gone. Why when I edit the PODCASTURL those changes stay permanent, but the release date edit won't is where I'm confused.

Then wouldn't a simple solution be to do all of your tag editing in Mp3tag, or am I missing something?

Does iTunes appear to recognize your RELEASETIME fields and have they helped it to play the tracks in the correct order? I would think that correct tracknumbering would be sufficient.

It does work that way, but it's way more time consuming to manually add everthing to the tag.