Editing tags breaks the file

When I edit a song's tags and try to play it later I recieve an error message saying the file is broken.
Please help

So – this is very little information. Can you please provide some details, i.e.,

  • Which player are you getting the error with?
  • Which file type?
  • Ideally, provide a link to the file (e.g., Dropbox or via email)
Kind regards – Florian

1st idea: If you have an emergency backup copy of the file, then remove the broken file, then make a copy of the existing backup copy, rename the new backup copy file to the original name, and try again to find out, what happens, step by step.
Note the error message and tell us more.

2nd idea: Try to investigate why and how the 'broken' file has become a 'broken' status.
Which edit application was involved, and how, which error message in detail has been displayed?


sorry for not explaining properly.
I'm using Groove, I tried the tagging process with different songs and they all break when I edit them. the format is MP3.
I found out that if I change in settings the tagging format from id3 to apev the file doesn't break and I can listen to it but then the album art is not showing. And if I ''delete all tags'' I can listen to the song again.
I recieved an error code on Groove: 0xc00d36c4
Finally, MPC-HC player doesn't manage to play the file either after editing tags.
I tried googling the error code and fixing it by myself to no major success other than what I explained above.

It's a link to one of the songs that breaks:

The file under that link is called
AC-DC - Back In Black.m4a.mp3

If you check the file with e.g. foobar, you get the information that it has an AAC codec which indicates that this file is a m4a file and no mp3

Mp3tag treats files according to their last extension.
So it applies mp3 tags and no mp4 tags.
Check your files for the proper extension and then try to edit them again.
In this case you have to remove the trailing ".mp3" from the filename.

I tried deleting the .mp3 in the end of the file name before going to the mp3tag, but it still marks it as .mp3. when I try to delete the .mp3 tag in mp3tag editor, it pops back the .mp3 mark in the end of the file name.
Going through my other files it apears after uploading my songs to OneDrive cloud from my phone and downloading them on my home PC, MOST of the songs file names are ''.m4a.mp3'', with .mp3 in the right click > Propeties, but m4a codecs. Checking my phone now I can see the original files don't have the .mp3 tag and only .m4a.

I managed to solve the problem by using a cable to transfer the songs to the PC and then edit them.
Thank you for the replies and help!