Editing the format string history

Currently, to tidy up the format string history, you have to load that string in the Tag-Tag, then select the dtring before you can remove it from the history. I would be more convenient if there was an editable .ini file (that maybe you could add comments as an aide-memoire) for removing the one-offs that get built from time to time.

An example where the aide-memoire would be useful is when you have a complex format - "now why did I do this?" e.g.

$mid(%title%,$add($strrchr(%title%,','),2),8) - $left(%title%,$sub($strstr(%title%,','),1)) -$right(%title%,$sub($len(%title%),$strrchr(%title%,-)))

I apologise in advance if this should be in a different forum - I'm sure the moderator will relocate it accordingly.