Editing "year" tags

I have a large number of files that have nothing present for the "year" tag. All the other tags are intact and I don't want to change them.

Is there an easy way to do this?

It seems I can get the year tag info from an online source, but I have to manually clear all the other tag info to prevent them from being altered. And even when I do that, some tags get screwed up (e.g. track number tags that are already correct get screwed up).

I wish I could find album date information online and update only the year tags. I need this done for many albums, so doing it completely manually is not something I would enjoy!

Am I to assume there is no better way to do this?

Well, I can think of different szenarios to work around the problems that might come up with 'auto-tagging' on nearly complete errorfree tagged files.

  1. Backup resp. save all tag content to text file, do auto-tag update, remove all bad tags, restore tags from text file.

  2. Copy all files to another folder or folder tree structure, do auto-tag update on the copies, save all good tag content (e. g. YEAR) to text file, switch back to original folder, tag original files with good tag content from textfile.

  3. ...

The best solution would be, if such an 'auto-tag-by-source' dialog do provide one checkbox for each involved tag field to control how this tag field is allowed to be overwritten or not.


unfortunately working with exports/text files/loops with no documentation is confusing as hell. i give up. thanks and sorry.