Edits to some meta fields work others are accepted in one album only

I downloaded an album of music from the internet in wav format and converted it to flac. I then loaded the five tracks into mp3tag to begin editing metadata. I first file file to tag to get track # from the name using file name -> tag. I then turnaround and do a tag->file name using %track#%-%Artist% - %title%. I do this all the time but now I am get 00-Title rather than track #-title. I try and edit the track number unsuccessfully, I don't seem to be able to edit anything number as I cannot edit date either. I can edit alpha fields. What could i be missing.

I also have the problem with the date field. Won't let me change it.

I use this process countless time working with our music library and suddenly this one album is giving me a very bad experience.

Any comments, questions, suggestions?


Hi John,

not sure whether you've changed anything regarding the tag-field mappings at "Options > Tags > Mapping". As FLAC uses VorbisComments as tag format, the mappings

Tag Source Target
VorbisComment DATE YEAR

need to be in effect. Given you've mentioned exactly those two fields, my guess is that you can check those mappings (and verify via the extended tag dialog at Alt + T).

That would most likely solve the problem. We use those mapping in our standard setup but I am doing something we don't normally do. I will let you know what I find gotta go to a party now.