Eliminate caracters

Hi everyone.
Sorry if this has been posted before. What I need is simple. I have a song name:


And I want to see like this:

For those about to rock (We salute You)

I mean, replace a character with space (or something else, if I wish).

Another topic: I need to eliminate characters at the END of a title. Example:

For those about to rock (We salute You)[Spa]

Just want to eliminate the [Spa]

Please help!

Thnx from now on!

The first one is possible using a simple Replace action, the second one can be achieved by a Replace with Regular Expression action.

I did it and it worked perfectly!! Didn't know it was that easy.
Thanx man!

kindly explain the phrases /actions to be adopted for the above. i want to know exactly what is the regular expression to be used. thanks