Eliminate one set of parentheses and keep one

Hi I have some files named like this

Blown Away (Feat. Styles P) (Produced By Giorgio Tuinfort).mp3

I would like to delete the second parentheses and all the information it contains.
But at the same time some files are like this.

I Can't Wait (Produced By Akon).mp3

In which case I want to delete all.

I know that I can fix the second example with:
Regular expression

But the directory contains both types of names.

Ok I found this


In particular this post
'ft xx)' from Title to end of artist and remove '(prod. xxx)' from title

With that I get close but i want the (Feat.) to remain in the title and not be moved over to the artist.

" ([^)]+).mp3$"

will only remove the last pair of parentheses.

Thank You. I set it as Replace with regular expression and it kept erasing the .mp3 from the file name and therefore rendered them as extension-less files but I got around it adding a step to add .mp3 to the title. Thank you